Beauty Resolution #2

I never know how to start these off, so I feel that maybe I will just title them Blog Entry #2 etc.

This weeks entry gets a little more into the meat and potatoes of things, some clear cut information to help change or improve your mind set.  I have used affirmations in my life at numerous different times, when I have been really low and desperately needed something to help keep me sane, and other times when I was so happy and wanted to hold onto that feeling for as long as I could. The reason I chose morning affirmations is it kind of sets your intention for the day; for example when my alarm goes off I shut it off and then start my little breathing and affirmation routine. I take three deep breaths filling my belly and lungs and I exhale through my mouth sometimes sighing or sometime silent, as I am doing this I repeat one of my affirmations.  This can really help to reset any tension, help you fully wake up your brain and organs giving them lots of oxygen in the blood and why not start your day off on a positive never know you might actually like it ;)

Some of my favourite affirmations are * I am Strong * I am Loved 

* Today is Full of Possibilities and if I'm feeling really sassy

* Success will find me today!

I know I know there are SO many things we are told to do in a day, I get it...this is just my suggestion and something that has helped me to have noticeably better days.  I do want to leave you with some links to products that helped me find specific wording for the goals I wanted to achieve.

 I Can Do It - Louise Hay there is also Youtube videos of this book as well.

I also listen to a podcast called 10% Happier with Don Harris

That's it for this little instalment of self love goodies, next weeks resolution is a fun one, so get ready!

P.S. I hate the sound of traditional alarm clocks so I use my iPhone and use the  bedtime setting. Clock-Bedtime-Options-Wake Up Sound-Early Riser. This is a very pleasant sound to wake up to not an annoying beeping or buzzing!

Allan Feildel